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Discoverchinatirps.com is a leading China travel agency providing a variety of China tours and services. With over 16 years of working experience, we offer an extensive range of private tours, travel packages, family tours and group tours. We guarantee we have the best prices for you and your family for an unforgettable China travel experience! No matter you travel as a family, a couple, alone, or in a group, Discover China Trips can arrange a suitable and economical travel deal for the classic adventure in China that you have always dreamed of!

The Most Popular Destinations

China is vast and diverse. Based on our first-hand local knowledge about China travel, we have collected more than 30 tourist destinations which gather the most fascinating scenery, most fabulous cultural experience and tourist friendly from north to south, west to east, mountains to the prairies, cities to the villages, rivers to the lakes.

Top China Tour Packages

Our tours are always designed to help you experience authentic China. Feel free to customize any tour to incorporate your preferred destinations, interests and schedule.


Having no idea how to start your China tour? Don’t worry! Why not to start from our popular gateway cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an or Chengdu? Or take the pick from UNESCO historical sites to match your own pace and needs. You can also get inspirations from our hand-picked essential short China trips, even let us to customize a trip for you.

Discover China Trips specialize in customizing and tailor-making tours for individuals, families and groups with specific requirements at great value for money.

We specialize in small group tours. The maximum size of our tour group is 14, but it can be as small as a single traveler. You can either form your own private group or join a tour group we organize from individual travelers.

The small group size allows us to ensure your needs are well taken care of, so you can truly enjoy your tour. In addition, you can also make itinerary adjustments before your tour is finalized, if it is a private group tour.

We aim to be the best gateway for all the “Laowai” (world-wide visitors) to Find your China Interests, Create Your Way, See More Facts, Understand Real China. As you need, we devote to offer quality and valuable travel service & tour operation beyond the money. with passion, we lead you through China’s wonderful lanscape, long history and magic culture.

Whether you are part of a group tour or a tailor made itinerary our staff both in the offices and out in the field will ensure that your every need is catered for. We aim to scratch beneath the surface and unearth the real Silk Road for you – its cultures, history and peoples. We also believe in creating tours that strike a balance between scheduled events and free time, allowing you to see the destinations at your own pace.


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